Vol. 24 No. 2 (2019): Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development
Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development

Editorial Preface


Producing and releasing Volume 24 Number 2 of the SPJRD or the Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development is no walk in the park, especially when the Journal strives to rise to the challenge of publishing papers that we hope would create ripple effects on academic-and-non-academic circles alike.

            Despite challenges, the Journal continuously aims to provide readers with high quality peer-reviewed scholarly articles on a wide variety of issues which are the outputs of the hardworking researchers of the University Southeastern Philippines.

            In order to position SPJRD as one of the most authoritative journals on research and development, I am delighted that we’ve tapped such a respectable group of International and Local Review Board members – scholars from the Visayas State University, Cebu National University, University of Southern Mindanao, Ateneo de Davao University, University of the Philippines Los Banos, University of the Philippines Mindanao, Charles Darwin University, and the International Rice Research Institute. During the 3-month period of peer review, producing 14 peer review reports from this fine set of reviewers-academicians, our authors painstakingly addressed editorial concerns and showed us much grit in handling tough peer reviewer’s comments. Some of the authors have had their baptism of fire and making it to this list is worthy of much praise.

            With our editorial board’s cumulative experience in various fields of education, this Journal brings representations of research outputs from different disciplines. Without the service, dedication, and valuable time the Board has exacted to produce this issue, SPJRD would not have been here. We give special mention as well to Dr. Genna J. Carmelo, through her office the Public and International Affairs, for the help particularly provided during the initial phase of seeking for external peer reviewers. Included in our thank you’s is the interim editorial board for jumpstarting the revival of the USeP Journal; your contribution has been and will always be invaluable.

            As we in the Board move forward, it is our vision to have SPJRD publish an assemblage of manuscripts documenting rigorous R&D outputs from our very own USeP faculty, and more manuscripts from distinguished scholars from the other institutions. I would like to remind the readers that the success of our Journal depends directly on the number of quality articles submitted for review. Accordingly, I would like to request your participation by submitting manuscripts and encouraging your colleagues to submit as well. SPJRD provides authors with high quality, helpful reviews that are shaped to assist authors in improving their manuscripts. I very much appreciate your support as we strive to make SPJRD an influential Journal that could impact research and development efforts in Mindanao region and beyond


Cecirly G. Puig

Associate Editor