Author Guidelines



The Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development (SPJRD) is a multidisciplinary journal responding to the needs of the Mindanao region's socio-economic development, preserving a knwoledge base that covers urgent issues such as climate change mitigation, energy security, sustainable agriculture, political and economic security in the ASEAN, and socio-cultural and emerging trends and innovations that impact markets, industries, and institutions.

The SPJRD is a bi-annual publication. The schedule for release is every March and September.


Editorial Process of the Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development

The SPJRD publishes articles covering a range of academic disciplines reflecting the RDE agenda of the University, as it continously responds to the needs of the Mindanao region.
Submission of papers to the Journal requires that the Author fully understand the editorial criteria and processes involved in the whole publication process.

General Guidelines: Initial Screening and Criteria for Publication

Submitted manuscripts are first screened by the Editorial Team for completeness and to determine if the manuscript meets the general criteria or standard set by the Journal. An Author's cognizance of these criteria would help him/her assess the draft meant for submission:

  • The work reports original research (the research data, analyses, results, and conclusions must not have been published or submitted elsewhere or under consideration)
  • It holds discernible importance to the context of the Mindanao region's development needs.
  • The work shows novel or striking findings whose immediate or far-reaching implications cannot be disregarded and hence should be made public
  • The findings and conclusions derived provoke prospective interest among readers of various disciplines

Considering the criteria set above, the Editorial Team pay special attention to the readability of the material. Especially for authors in highly technical disciplines, it is encouraged that they write the article in a way that enables non-specialist readers to understand.

As shown in the Process Flow illustrated below, the early phase of the process shows that the submitted article could be either rejected or sent back (request for revisions); the latter indicates passing the initial screening subject to clarification of a few details to meet the general criteria for acceptance.

Works which eventually pass the initial screening (passing adherence to content criteria mentioned above) shall undergo editorial copy reading to improve the paper's readability and comprehensibility.

The SPJRD Manuscript Formatting To download the template for the manuscript submission, click here.