Income-generating Projects of a Philippine State University: Proposal for Strategic Decisions


IGP financial performance
SUCs income-generating projects
Davao Region
the Philippines

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Besing, D., & Saan, R. (2023). Income-generating Projects of a Philippine State University: Proposal for Strategic Decisions. Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development, 28(1), 13-29.


This study is aimed at evaluating the productivity and financial performance of income-generating projects (IGPs) of a Philippine State University in the Davao Region from 2016-2020. Further, this study uses a descriptive evaluative research design to analyze and interpret data through the total population sampling, wherein all 22 IGPs were subjected to the evaluation. The results reveal net receipts of 28.16 million from 2016-2020; Crop Production was the highest contributor, while the loss of non-agriculture was recorded in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Crop Production of Campus C had the highest profitability in terms of net income earning 9.04 million for the period covered. Their Commercial Stalls Rental had the most favorable performance in terms of return on investment. The same IGP had the quickest ability to recoup its investment. The Gymnasium and Hostel of Campus C took the lowest Return on Investment and recovery rate. Moreover, the financial contribution of budget allocation and utilization of all IGPs was meager for Instruction and Support to Operations, and no budget shares for the areas of Research and Extension. Hence, eight IGPs are for restructuring and expansion; 11 IGPs are for restructuring only, one IGP is for termination, and one IGP is not subject to any decision strategy


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