Dr. Takashi Tsuji visits SPJRD Board


SPJRD Board meets another int'l. Adviser; USeP presents a plaque of recognition.

The Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development (SPJRD) Editorial Board met one of its international advisers from Japan at the Institute of Language and Creative Arts (ILCA) office on February 20, 2023.

Dr. Takashi Tsuji paid a courtesy visit to finally meet the SPJRD Editors and Mr. Francis N. Reginio, USeP Publication Unit Deputy Director, to discuss the ongoing works on publications, especially the incoming multidisciplinary issues Dr. Tsuji supports reviewing.

Dr. Tsuji, a researcher from Saga University and National Museum of Ethnology in Japan, reviews papers to be published in SPJRD to help keep the quality and integrity of the university's official research journal. He also contributes his cultural studies to the journal to broaden the publications in the discipline of Humanities and Anthropology.

"SPJRD responds quickly with the reviews, while in others takes four years," remarked Dr. Tsuji on the journal's editorial process. "I also recommended SPJRD to my fellow Japanese scholars," he added.

While he sojourned with the Editorial Board, the team took the opportunity to exchange print journals with him. SPJRD received the Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology issues while he accepted SPJRD issues from 2020 to the present. Further, Dr. Eleonor T. Guden, USeP Research and Development Director, presented him with a plaque of recognition for his constant commitment to service that helped SPJRD be indexed in the Andrew Gonzalez Philippine Citation Index.

Dr. Tsuji also had a deliberation with ILCA Director, Assoc. Prof. Sajed S. Ingilan, and the Literary and Cultural Studies Program Head, Dr. Angelo Lenard E. Yu, for future cultural research on Tausug and Sama-Bajau.

In the past two weeks, the publication team rendezvoused with Dr. Rodney C. Jubilado, an adviser from Hawaii, USA. Like Dr. Tsuji, he is also open to reviewing papers that are prospects for publication in SPJRD.