SPJRD is now indexed in Andrew Gonzalez Philippine Citation Index

SPJRD receives recognition and indexing in AGPCI

The Publication Unit begins the year with a breakthrough in having the Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development (SPJRD), the University’s official research journal, recognized and indexed in the Andrew Gonzalez Philippine Citation Index (AGPCI) for two years.

SPJRD is an international, open-access, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal responding to the Mindanao and ASEAN region’s development needs. Its published articles in the past two years qualified for an opportunity for full membership in AGPCI. In addition, the continuous monitoring of the journal’s website takes equal credit for this feat because of its open-accessibility to the released journal issues.

“Our membership in AGPCI will further expand our global visibility and accessibility and facilitate international accreditation that SPJRD aspires to achieve next,” said Assoc. Prof. Sajed S. Ingilan, the SPJRD Editor-in-Chief and USeP Publication Unit Deputy Director.

Being listed in this indexing body manifests the scholarly quality and standard of the publications upheld persistently by the Publication Board and Staff and their international advisers.

SPJRD is committed to producing research articles on par with the international research community’s standards. This year, the SPJRD is eyeing to be indexed in the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) to further disseminate the research papers published by the University.